The doctors at  Beach Kids Pediatric Care clinic in Virginia Beach, VA, have extensive experience assessing, diagnosing, and treating asthma and allergies in children.


Asthma can be a chronic condition in which part of the airway, known as bronchioles, swell and produce extra mucus making breathing more difficult. This is a temporary condition and can be effectively treated with the proper medication. During an asthma flare, your child may cough, wheeze and experience a shortness of breath.

Beach Kids Pediatrics is dedicated to working with you and your child to develop an asthma action plan along with a tailored treatment protocol to help manage, and possibly prevent or lessen, severe asthma events. 


If your child has been diagnosed with asthma, you will quickly learn which triggers may induce an asthma attack or event. Children with asthma have sensitive airways that make them prone to react to changes in their normal environment. Asthma triggers are unique to each child and may include:

Upper respiratory infections such as cold or flu

Allergens such as mold, mildew, pet dander and dust mites

Seasonal allergies during the spring and fall

Food allergies

Exercise related asthma events

Irritants such as strong odors, perfume and cleaning solutions

Cigarettes and vaping smoke

Weather changes in temperature, humidity or cold air

If you are concerned about your child’s breathing at any time, we encourage you to schedule an appointment. Beach Kids Pediatrics has extensive experience in treating and managing asthmatic patients in Virginia Beach Va, and the surrounding areas. 


As a parent of a child diagnosed with asthma, you will become very aware of the symptoms of asthma as well as what triggers can affect your child. As your child grows, there is a good chance that they may outgrow their asthma. In any case, you will learn to manage your child’s asthma and even prevent serious asthmatic events. Beach Kids Pediatrics offers some general signs and symptoms of asthma, including:

  • Frequent, persistent coughing spells which may occur after exercise, at nighttime or during illnesses such as colds or flu. Oftentimes, coughing is the only symptom of asthma, and this is referred to as cough-variant asthma
  • Trouble sleeping because of shortness of breath
  • Wheezing
  • Less energy during play activities, stopping to catch breath
  • Shallow or fast breathing usually in babies or small children
  • Using intercostal muscles to breathe, such that the skin retracts between the ribs and around collar bone
  • Complaining of chest tightness or chest hurting
  • Lethargic

If you notice any of these symptoms during an upper respiratory infection, exercise or seasonal allergies, please schedule an appointment (757) 806-8880. There are medications that can help manage and alleviate the symptoms of asthma.


Asthma can be effectively managed with the use of anti-inflammatory medication such as an inhaled steroid. These medications are used daily to decrease swelling in the airway and lessen the severity of, or even prevent, a potential asthma attack. An inhaled steroid works over time to allow the airway to be less sensitive and less likely to react to triggers. Inhaled steroids are maintenance medications that act as a preventative for future asthma events. 

As asthma symptoms begin to appear, a fast-acting bronchodilator is used to rapidly relax the muscles that can tighten around the airway. These medications are known as “rescue inhalers” or breathing treatments and not intended for daily use. Bronchodilators are short-acting and quickly relieve coughing, wheezing and shortness of breath. This medication may need to be given during an upper respiratory infection or before strenuous exercise. 

At Beach Kids Pediatrics, we are committed to providing our patients with expert medical asthma care and attention. Please don’t hesitate to call us at (757) 806-8880 if you think your child may be having asthmatic events or any breathing difficulties. We can schedule same day visits to evaluate and treat your child’s symptoms.