Beach Kids Pediatrics serves children with established developmental disorders as well as children who may be at risk of delays in their development.


As your child’s pediatrician, we want to make sure your child is meeting each and every milestone of development. During well checks, we will have an open dialogue about your baby’s development and check these milestones, such as babbling, sitting, crawling, pulling up and many more.

If your older child is struggling in school, or you feel his speech is delayed or developmental milestones have not been met, Beach Kids Pediatrics can help evaluate these issues. We will assess your child and refer him/her to speech therapy or a child psychologist for further evaluation. We know how important it is for the health of your child to have access to the appropriate therapies to catch up to his/her peers and begin to thrive in his/her learning environment.


While babies meet with key milestones at varying ages, there is a range of time that is considered normal and healthy. During well checkups, we will have open conversations about your baby’s development to make sure that milestones such as the following are being reached:


Rolling over



Chewing Solid Foods

Oulling up


At Beach Kids Pediatrics, we believe a mom and dad know their baby best! If you are concerned about your child’s growth and development, we are here to provide evaluations and advice on the growth and development of your child. If necessary, we can refer your child to a specialist for further assessments.


As your child grows and develops, you may notice that he or she has a speech delay or speech issues that make it difficult to understand their needs. Sometimes, this is the first noticeable symptom that your child may be falling behind. Today, there are many therapies, including speech therapy and occupational therapy, that can target any area of weakness and strengthen it. It is vital to the health of your child to have access to the appropriate therapies to help him or her catch up to their peers and thrive in their learning environment. If you suspect your child has a speech delay or any speech issue that is impacting their communication with others, please schedule an appointment today (757) 806-8880 so we can evaluate and help guide you in getting the proper care for your child.


In school-aged children, behavioral health can become a concern for parents. If you believe your child is falling behind in his learning environment, Beach Kids Pediatrics can perform a behavior assessment and help you better understand the challenges. Together, we can develop a plan that helps your child obtain the necessary accommodations to meet his learning needs.

Today, more children and teens are suffering from depression, anxiety (panic attacks), eating disorders and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). We believe that mental health is just as important as physical health. Dr. Nan McDonald and Dr. Bryan McDonald have a wide range of experience guiding parents through these and other related problems affecting children and teens. If at any time you are concerned about your child’s performance in school as it relates to learning or social situations, we are here to counsel you through making the very best decisions for the well-being of your child.