Common Sports Injuries In Kids and How to Prevent ThemBenefits of Sports

Young athletes are always moving from one sport to the next. Soccer, basketball, field hockey…you name it! Sports and other physical activities are great for kids. They provide physical, social, and mental stimulation that kids need to develop. Sports teach children the importance of teamwork, build confidence and help them focus and concentrate better. Although sports like basketball, soccer and football provide many benefits to children, there is a negative side of sports. Many common sports injuries in kids can be avoided by proper preparation. More than 2.6 million children under the age of 19 get treated for sports and recreation-related injuries, as reported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. 

Common Injuries

Some of the most common sports-related injuries are ankle sprains, groin pulls, hamstring sprains, shin splints, knee injuries (ACL tear and Patellofemoral syndrome) and tennis elbow. Most of these common sports injuries can be treated at home. If your athlete has suffered a serious injury such as an ACL tear, they must be seen immediately by a medical provider.

When injured, it is best to remember the RICE method: Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation.

If not treated correctly, injuries that could have healed quickly may require more invasive interventions such as surgery. If the injured area is swelling or painful and the above method does not bring relief, you should seek treatment from our providers at Beach Kids Pediatrics.


Injuries are common when your children are in sports, but some are also highly preventable. Take these steps to make sure your children compete safely:

  • Proper Gear – Make sure children are using proper equipment, clothes and protective gear. Helmets, padding and athletic cups should be used when appropriate.
  • Warm-Up – Stretch. Stretch. Stretch. Make sure your children do warm-up exercises to help prevent injuries.
  • Know the Rules – Make sure your children understand the rules and dangers of sports. Talking to children ahead of time about the sports they will be playing is a good idea to avoid injuries.
  • Adult Supervision – Children in sports should be watched and supervised by an adult at all times.


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