Providing compassionate care for minor pediatric injuries.


Childhood injuries are common and can occur when you least expect it. Slips, falls, bruises and even broken bones can be a normal part of growing up. As children grow and develop, they learn about the world through exploring and trying new things. Occasionally, that can mean taking some unfortunate risks. Most pediatric injuries are minor and can be treated at home with some tender loving care. Beach Kids Pediatrics is available to assess minor injuries with same-day office visits. Do not hesitate to call us if your child has experienced an injury.

 Some common childhood injuries include:

Small cuts and abrasions

Insect stings



Minor burns or scalds


Animal bites or scratches

Test and Diagnosis

Your doctor will evaluate your child and perform several tests to determine if your child has a traumatic brain injury. A neurological examination will help your doctor evaluate the severity of the injury by assessing balance, coordination, reflexes, strength, vision and hearing. A cognitive evaluation assesses memory, concentration and ability to recall information. Finally, your child may have image testing done such as a CT scan or MRI if the symptoms worsen over time.



Beach Kids Pediatrics recommends seeking immediate medical attention for more severe childhood injuries such as:

  • Accidental poisoning call Poison Control Hotline at 1-800-222-1222
  • Road accidents including motor vehicle and running into traffic
  • Severe burns
  • Near drowning
  • Severe falls or objects falling on child
  • Choking

  If you are in doubt about the severity of an injury, please call 911. 


As always, prevention is the key to managing and protecting your child from serious injuries. Some tips to help reduce the risk of head injury include:

  • Wearing the protective gear that is required for each sports activity
  • Buckling your child’s seat belt, always
  • Making your home safe by blocking off stairways and securing windows
  • Exercising regularly to keep muscles and core strong to improve balance
  • Following all of the rest protocols if an injury does occur 

At each well child check-up, we will routinely discuss safety measures that you can implement to help keep your child safe. From the tiny toddler years, to a 16 or 17-year-old learning to drive, Beach Kids Pediatrics understands that the best pediatric injury care is preventing an injury from occurring. We can help guide you in making the best possible decisions to keep your child safe.